Thank you for telling Boston College to rescind its invitation to Ireland’s 1st pro-abortion Prime Minister as commencement speaker!

The commencement is over, but you can still:

1) Email BC President Rev. William Leahy using the form to the right

2) Thank Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the Archbishop of Boston, for boycotting the commencement (Read his statement.)

3) Read about our Prayer Vigil and Public Witness outside the Boston College graduation on Monday, May 20th

Make no mistake about it: Prime Minister Enda Kenny supports allowing abortion, on-demand, in Ireland. (Read the full backstory here.) We know what legalized abortion has done to our nation, and the results are devastating. But, before he makes abortion legal in Ireland for the first time, Kenny was invited by Catholic leaders in America to speak at Boston College’s commencement ceremonies and receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree on May 20th, 2013.

For any college to honor the man who would usher in the mass death of Irish preborn children is simply unconscionable!
But under no circumstance should a Catholic university allow Prime Minister Kenny to speak, as his support for legal abortion will be responsible for taking the lives of thousands of women and children, in direct violation of Church teaching.

Send a personal message (using the form to the right) to Boston College President, Rev. William Leahy, expressing your outrage about Prime Minister Enda Kenny representing the school at graduation.

Tell Rev. Leahy that Enda Kenny’s work should not be honored and certainly NOT AT BC!